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We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Event Organiser and Mental Health Nurse, Brenton Williams. Brenton’s efforts in raising awareness and funds for mental health are truly awe inspiring.  Thank you also to the team who rally behind him each year including Annie Williams, Dylan & Alwyn Jones, Julie Reynolds and Hon. Vickie Chapman.

Humphrey and Brenton


Join Brenton in supporting us to independently provide
mental health & wellness programs to the South Australian community

Every person intrinsically has self worth. Some have trouble seeing it.


Grow is a national organisation that takes a peer approach to mental wellness and delivers programs that use the lived experience of others for prevention and resilience as well as recovery.

Established in Sydney in 1957, Grow’s founders were drawn together by their first-hand experience of mental illness at a time when no community services existed. The wisdom they gained in helping each other to overcome life’s challenges and recover from mental illness was carefully recorder and forms the basis of the unique Grow program.

We are passionate about changing the way people think about mental health.

Our programs give them the opportunity to understand their own worth and through truth, character and friendship, to give that opportunity to others as well.

Removing the stigma of mental health teaches people that respect and understanding is not only important, it is worthwhile; it is worth growing and giving.

This is not just a promise to our members or the community, but to our funders and supporters. It is also our personal promise for our members and each other that everything we do has value – is worth giving.

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The Grow (SA) Centre is located at Unit 1 355 Brighton Rd, Hove SA 5048