The Program for the mental health of our kids

Get Growing is an evidence-based, peer to peer mental wellbeing Program developed by Grow Australia for young people aged 11 to 17 years. The Get Growing Program has its foundations deeply rooted in the original Grow Program of Recovery and Personal Development, developed by people with a lived experience of mental illness.

 GROW is Australia’s pioneering and pre-eminent mental health peer to peer support organisation. It was founded in 1957 by people with lived experience of mental illness who felt that there must be a better way in mental health treatment and support than some of the harsh and indeed damaging approaches of the 1950s, involving high levels of seclusion, restraint and enforced treatment.

The early GROW participants found that fellowship, shared humanity, mutual support and social cohesion were far better approaches to help them and their like-minded community on their pathways to recovery.

The GROW Program therefore was designed, developed and delivered by people with lived experience – that was the case then and more than 65 years later it remains the case today.

We are proud to be a community of excellence, delivering our highly valued evidence-based programs in lived experience engagement, mutual help and peer support.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Event Organiser and Mental Health Nurse, Brenton Williams. Brenton’s efforts in raising awareness and funds for mental health are truly awe inspiring.  Thank you also to the team who have rallied behind him year after year including Annie Williams, Dylan & Alwyn Jones. Thanks to all of you who are supporting us to continue Brenton’s amazing work in mental health following his departure to live in NZ.

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The Grow (SA) Community Centre is located at Unit 1 355 Brighton Rd, Hove SA 5048

Humphrey and Brenton